Pure Love Deserves Pure Gold

Always a classic

Pure Love Deserves Pure Gold

Nimble, malleable with an inimitable intense color, there is nothing like pure gold. Always classic; eternally elegant, pure yellow is sublime. Its softness, hence, malleability allows handmade sculpting like no other metal therefore allowing a very high level of artistic expression. Ancient jewelry was handmade without metal alloys, only pure metals and simple hand tools. Lika Behar Collection elegantly reconciles the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions. We strive to revive and reinvent, yielding a luxury fit for the modern woman. My designs are an expression of ancient history and the modern feminine spirit. I use 24, 22 and sometimes out of necessity 18Karat gold, always the highest level of purity my design will comfortably and safely allow.

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Our extensive jewelry collection travels to various retail stores around the United States to give customers a tactile Lika Behar Collection experience. Touch it, wear it, covet it.

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