"This gem looks striking on everyone." - Lika Behar

Turquoise Therapy

I call this group Turquoise Therapy. This rare gemstone pairs beautifully with high carat yellow gold, whether it is a pristine robin’s egg blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise or a Mona Lisa turquoise with pinkish, or Kingman with an earth tone matrix. This color combination enriches any complexion, and pairs well with neutral, white, or black ensembles, bright colors or jeans. A classic look dating back to pre-historic times, turquoise is timeless yet modern and fashionable all year round.

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Contrast in Harmony

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang possibly our richest and widest collection takes inspiration from the duality of the entire world and its cultures, where the ancient and modern live eternally in a state of harmony or cacophony. Sterling/oxidized silver and pure 24k gold shine brilliantly, adorned with diamonds and gemstones. The tone is very casual-chic, everyday wearable, yet striking, unique, different and artistic.

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The beauty of a bygone era reimagined


I adore all styles of jewelry, however, one of my favorite periods/styles is Art Deco. My interpretation of bold geometric shapes and decorative forms of the era is expressed in my bi-metal jewelry. These pieces reconcile the beauty of this aesthetic more casually, appropriate for our lifestyles today.

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Always a classic

Pure Love Pure Gold

Nimble, malleable with an inimitable intense color, there is nothing like pure gold. Always classic; eternally elegant, pure yellow is sublime. Its softness, hence, malleability allows handmade sculpting like no other metal therefore allowing a very high level of artistic expression. Ancient jewelry was handmade without metal alloys, only pure metals and simple hand tools. Lika Behar Collection elegantly reconciles the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions. We strive to revive and reinvent, yielding a luxury fit for the modern woman. My designs are an expression of ancient history and the modern feminine spirit. I use 24, 22 and sometimes out of necessity 18Karat gold, always the highest level of purity my design will comfortably and safely allow.

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Water is a Mood Booster


Growing up on the Mediterranean enabled me to enjoy the serene beauty of water every day, which left an indelible mark on my creative process. I believe simply observing water causes our minds to calm, lowering stress levels, anxiety, and promoting mental clarity and even improving our sleep patterns. Ocean hues translate easily into beautiful and elegant pieces of wearable art. Set in gold and adorned with opals, aquaprase, aquamarine and other water hued gemstones, the Ocean Collection recalls the Mediterranean’s palette of blue and green. 24 or 22 karat gold, and diamonds amplify the contrast and enhance the hues of these gems for maximum beauty.

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Such an honor to be associated with an ethical supply chain

Doing Good Thru Collaboration

We are honored to collaborate with ANZA Gems, a responsible gemstone company with a focus on artisans in the supply chain, and reinvests a portion of its sales into artisanal gemstone communities. It supports artisans at every level of the gemstone supply chain, from artisanal miners in East Africa where the gems are sourced to artisanal faceters, to the jewelry designers who collaborate, with a special emphasis on supporting women.

Also, ANZA Gems donates a portion of every sale to the mining communities for initiatives that are most needed: supporting primary and trade education, scholarships, and training, while creating a transparent, traceable journey from the mines of East Africa to us.

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Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Aquamarines, Tanzanites, Rare Garnets, Spinel

Amazing Mesmerizing Gems

When I see a beautiful, original or unusually cut gemstone, the design process in my mind begins. Usually, it is the rock that inspires me; the stone starts talking to me. Sometimes it comes to me instantly; sometimes the piece evolves through trial and error until I have my “aha” moment. Sometimes I allow the gemstone to sit in my collection for a few months or even a few years before I work with it. The love evolves and I ask myself: “How it’s going to fit into my aesthetic? What shape it will take? Will it become a ring or a pendant?” It can take quite some time until it feels “right”… a painstaking but rewarding process.

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Serenely Subtle Pink Gold

Peach Glow

Peach Glow is Lika Behar Collection’s trademarked signature high-karat 22k gold alloy, emitting a pale peachy glow that beautifully enhances oxidized silver, colored gemstones, and many skin tones. It’s a softer, prettier take on rose gold, which pairs beautifully with organic, rustic stones.

“To be set into Peach Glow, the stones must talk to me.” To date, Lika has paired turquoise, dendritic agate, and pink pearls with Peach Glow as well as setting colorless diamonds into styles to let the gold color speak for itself.

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Nature creates incredible works of art

Nature Imitates Nature

Nature is the ultimate artist. I am absolutely in love with natural stones, through their formations look like master paintings. Owyhee Jaspers resemble beaches, mountains, and desert landscapes. Our Kingman Turquoise “My World” pieces with their naturally occurring map-like inclusions give you the whole world set in 24k gold and diamonds. Dendritic agates whose crystal formations inside resemble forests or individual trees or plants are quite intriguing. Paired with peach glow or warm yellow gold and champagne-colored diamonds, they become irresistible.

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The look of solid 24K gold at a fraction of the cost


24 Karat gold sheets are elegantly fused with sterling silver and hammered by hand yielding a unique heavy piece of jewelry that is guaranteed, under normal use,  to maintain its warm gold glow for life.
Please do not confuse our fusion with gold- plated, bonded or, vermeil jewelry.  We use a sophisticated soldering technique that uses heat + hand-hammering pressure to fuse a THICK piece of pure gold to a heavy layer of silver for structure and wearability.  This process requires a substantial amount of skill and experience and is executed by hand by our master jewelers and uses a significant amount of gold.  A fused product contains a layer of gold that is at least 10 times thicker than the very best vermeil (gold-plate) that you would see on the market.  Unlike plating, our gold fused jewelry is guaranteed for life against fading. 
Lika Behar gold fusion pieces allow the wearer the look of beautiful solid 24K Gold at a fraction of the cost, with improved durability.

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Iconic Istanbul

Treasures and Talismans

Humans have adorned themselves since time immemorial; artifacts discovered in archeological digs are testament. Wearing talismans and pieces of jewelry with special meaning has always been de rigeur in all cultures. For example, the evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, and Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called “evil eyes.” The Hamsa or Hand of God is worn in many cultures as a protective sign. Many believe it brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Or we don a motif that reminds us of our city or our alma mater or our love for nature. We also love to express our faith with a Cross, a Star, or an Ohm symbol among many others.

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Uncommon Beauty and Craftsmanship

Savor Silver

The same artistry that goes into our bespoke handmade pure gold pieces is reflected in our attainable yet precious sterling silver collection. All beautifully handmade and wearable every day.

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Hand wrought alternatives


Think outside the box when you celebrate life’s most important commitment. Our love collection of wedding bands and single stone rings are designed to showcase your personality and unique story.

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Raw and Organic


Gemstones can be beautiful in their raw, rough state. Our Rocky Collection jewelry celebrates their beauty in designs that incorporate the magic of an unpolished stone in a unique and beautiful work of wearable art.

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Say it out loud


Wearing jewelry is a method of self-expression. A beautiful piece uniquely stylized as a letter, shape or form or a word can convey a message or celebrate an idea. We love to wear our own or our children’s or grandchildren’s initials; or a dog bone or a paw print as a symbol of love for our furry family members. We may want to share with the world that faith is important or we are proud of our heritage.

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Adularescence, Labradorescence, Pearlescence


Labradorescent labradorite, adularescent moonstones, and lustrous pearls are the inspiration for beautifully iridescent works of ar, for inspired and unique wearables for the modern woman who appreciates art, history, travel, culture and, enduring quality. Timeless. Distinctive. Modern takes on classics. Wear these pieces all day, every day for a casual yet elegant and inspired look. These are not your granny’s pearls!

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A modern Take on the Ancient


The Pompeii Collection is a modern celebration of Ancient Roman jewelry.For Ancient Roman women, jewelry was particularly important because it was considered to be their personal property which they could keep independently from their families’ wealth, and they could use them or sell them as they saw fit. The independence implied by this is huge!

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