Amazing Mesmerizing Gems

Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Aquamarines, Tanzanites, Rare Garnets, Spinel

Amazing Mesmerizing Gems

When I see a beautiful, original or unusually cut gemstone, the design process in my mind begins. Usually, it is the rock that inspires me; the stone starts talking to me. Sometimes it comes to me instantly; sometimes the piece evolves through trial and error until I have my “aha” moment. Sometimes I allow the gemstone to sit in my collection for a few months or even a few years before I work with it. The love evolves and I ask myself: “How it’s going to fit into my aesthetic? What shape it will take? Will it become a ring or a pendant?” It can take quite some time until it feels “right”… a painstaking but rewarding process.

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