The look of solid 24K gold at a fraction of the cost


24 Karat gold sheets are elegantly fused with sterling silver and hammered by hand yielding a unique heavy piece of jewelry that is guaranteed, under normal use,  to maintain its warm gold glow for life.
Please do not confuse our fusion with gold- plated, bonded or, vermeil jewelry.  We use a sophisticated soldering technique that uses heat + hand-hammering pressure to fuse a THICK piece of pure gold to a heavy layer of silver for structure and wearability.  This process requires a substantial amount of skill and experience and is executed by hand by our master jewelers and uses a significant amount of gold.  A fused product contains a layer of gold that is at least 10 times thicker than the very best vermeil (gold-plate) that you would see on the market.  Unlike plating, our gold fused jewelry is guaranteed for life against fading. 
Lika Behar gold fusion pieces allow the wearer the look of beautiful solid 24K Gold at a fraction of the cost, with improved durability.

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