Pearls are timeless, organic and the most loved gems of all time.

They flatter every complexion and can be dressed up or down. Designers are now incorporating pearls in most unique and unusual contemporary designs, yet they are still a bonafide classic. As Jackie O once said: “Pearls are always appropriate”. They go from day into evening seamlessly. Creative designers such as Lika Behar are incorporating them into the most amazing unusual and unique jewelry designs.

Natural and cultured pearls come in a variety of shapes, size and colors. Natural pearls are formed in certain mollusks, without any human help. Cultured pearls are “farmed” and therefore have assistance & care from humans in their growth. They are not synthetic. We use all the four major types of cultured pearls: Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater in our collection.


Store your pearls in a soft cloth pouch, like the one Lika Bear Collection provides you with a purchase. Do not place pearls directly in water, instead run a damp cloth across the strand and gently pat clean with a dry cloth. Do not wring or tug. Pearls should be the last item you put on since it is the absolute perfect finish to your outfit and mood! Do not expose pearls to hairspray, hand sanitizer, or any other harsh chemicals.

Abalone is an oyster-like shellfish, known for it’s colorful “pearlescent” inside shell, or “ear shell”. Having been worn as jewelry for centuries, abalone shells emit natural shades of blue and green and other hues that shimmer and refract light in an oceanic way.


As it is softer than other shells, biggest concern for abalone jewelry is wear and tear, beware of scratching or denting your abalone pieces. While not wearing abalone, store it in a jewelry box that closes tightly, as too much exposure to sunlight will fade the color. Abalone is best worn in the evening.

To clean abalone, gently wipe the shell with warm water to preserve its quality and keep it free of dust and dirt.

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