This unique October birthstone is known to be the Queen of Gemstones. The stone’s characteristic “play-of-color” is composed of microscopic silica spheres that diffract light to display various colors of the rainbow. We use a variety of opals in our collection like Boulder Opals, Fire Opals and Korite Opal to name a few. Opals vary in color from milky white to bright orange and flashes of black blue and green and therefore they are very versatile for the jewelry artist. The opals we use come from Australia, Mexico and Ethiopia.

Care: Avoid bleach, chemicals and cleaners. To be safe, opals can be wiped with a damp soft cloth and should never be soaked or immersed. Avoid storing them in a dry & overheated area.

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal is a rock that contains thin seams and patches of opal surrounded by or attached to it’s host rock, ironstone. The stone is cut in such a way that the ironstone is left in the background to give the thin veins of color a base.

Koroit Opal

Koroit Opal is named after an opal mining area in Paroo Shire in Australia. They are famous for their deep, strong ironstone with stunning patterns and inclusions of color. They are also generally larger-sized Opals and are considered the best value for money Opal available.

Opal Doublet

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Mexican Fire Opal

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