Both members of the feldspar group, these stones demonstrate unique flashes of light return that changes depending on the angle of the light that hits them.


We love labradorite for its various shades of blue and green labradorescence which reminds us of the aurora borealis. The flash of colors captures everyone’s attention when worn and believed to awake your inner consciousness.


Soap and warm water with a soft brush should work fine. Once washed and cleaned, dry it thoroughly. Avoid using ultrasonic or steam cleaners when cleaning labradorite.


This June birthstone displays the optical phenomenon known as Adularescence. This is the glow on the surface of the moonstone, much like the way moonlight glows through the clouds. We love moonstones because they are ever so enchanting. No matter how you wear them they will always catch someone’s attention. Did you know that Moonstone is the Florida State Gemstone?


opt for gentle, non-acid based jewelry cleaner or several drops of dish detergent mixed with water to clean your moonstone. Avoid using hard household chemicals or sanitizers when caring for or cleaning moonstone.

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