Lika Behar Collection is committed to maintaining the strictest standards of social and ethical integrity.

Commercial integrity is equally important and we are proud to work with companies that follow responsible business practices. We are proud to partner with organizations such as American Gem Society (AGS), American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) and the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) that are committed to an excellent standard of transparency.

All our precious stones are purchased from reputable businesses. Our diamond suppliers adhere to extensive requirements of the Kimberly Process Certification. This ensures that the original of materials are exclusively conflict-free adhering to the principles of social and environmental ethics. In addition, our stone suppliers and clients are required to follow the Anti-Money Laundering program via The USA Patriot Act. Lika travels take her to every corner of the world where she draws a lot of inspiration from mother nature. The vibrant colors of the oceans and wonders of the world have inspired her to independently pledge not to use any fossils, ivory, or any materials derived from endangered species. .

 Lika Behar Collection strives to strike a social balance by fairly employing those in need. We work intimately with independent artisans to produce our jewelry. Some of our artisans have been working with us since the birth of our company. We are committed to their livelihood and preserving the tradition of hand fabricated goldsmithing. Our vendors are required to have established businesses that follow local and national laws and employ adult artisans so children are not exploited.

CHARITABLE:  Our annual involvement with the Italian American Cancer Foundation has left a positive mark in the communities we serve. This event is a free breast screening event that provides mammograms, clinical and breast exams and breast health education to medically underserved women. In addition, we are supportive of many charities that are supported by our clients.

We understand that consumer’s awareness about global social issues will grow and the importance of these issues deserves transparency and should have a positive impact. We are committed to be a responsible citizen of the world for our future.